Saturday, December 1, 2012

North Carolina Mountains

We spent Thanksgiving in the North Carolina mountains this year.  I was cold the entire time but I had fun.  :)

We thought we'd see snow - maybe man-made even but we did not.  Despite the fact that I was freezing to my core it was not cold enough most days for the snow (real or fake) to stick.  And no, it didn't snow at all anyway.

We stayed in Seven Devils, NC and spent a lot of time in Boone.

We went across the suspended bridge - it was a mile high.  See our feet?
Sleeping Beauty was terrified at first and then did what she always does.  Took off with wild abandon. 

My mom did not do well.  At all.  But she DID walk across it.  :)

They say there's a sucker born every minute....  HAHA

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  1. It looks so pretty there! We're hoping to go up to North Carolina sometime next year for a road trip :-)


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