Thursday, May 31, 2012

More Praying Mantis Babies!!

Remember this?  Well, now we have had two of our own egg sacks hatch!!  And the newborn babies were smaller than the one I previously posted about.  See below:

Here is one on Cinderella's arm.  These little bugs are so cute and loving.  They WANT to be held and when we'd put them down they'd reach right back up for us.  Sleeping Beauty was there too but it was in the morning and she was looking rough and said the pictures of her were "a horrible."  ?!

 This was looking down into the little bug cage the hatched in.  We put them in a bigger one Tim made until we could get them in the garden.  :)
 On my lens cap:
 On on my hand:
 Cinderella got one on her nose.  :)
We have kept several in a big bug cage Tim made and we catch them little bugs to eat at night.  The girls love have them around and so does Tim.  :)

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