Thursday, February 9, 2012

5 Years Ago...

Written February 8, 2012. (yesterday)

Five years ago today I learned I would be a mother for the second time.  I was shocked.  We went through so much to get pregnant with Cinderella that we were happy and grateful with "just the one kid."  We often joke Sleeping Beauty willed herself into existence and if you know her, you know just what I mean by that statement.  Throughout the next nine months I would go through so many thoughts and emotions...

I was shocked.

I was surprised.

I was scared.

I was in denial.

I was depressed.

I was happy.

I was oh so tired.

I was excited.

I was afraid I couldn't handle two kids.  Some days I still think I can't handle two kids.  But somehow I manage.  They are almost seven and four now.

I am so glad God knew better than we did and blessed us with her.  She makes us crazy but she keeps us on our toes  and laughing all day long.  <3


  1. Sounds like me when we brought our son home - even though we had been waiting 18 months to add to our family, it was still a shock and I went through all the emotions!

  2. Hi! Thanks for stopping by from SUYL. Your girls are adorable!!


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