Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Princess Furry Pants is TWO Whole Paws!

Princess Furry Pants is 10 (people years old) today!  She LOVES Christmas and Halloween as seen below.

Halloween 2010 as a hotdog with Peter Pan Cinderella
 On the armrest - her favorite place
 I love this one from last Christmas - Cinderella and Princess Furry Pants
 Hotdog again
Princess Furry Pants was a rescue dog we got from the Humane Society when she was one and a half in the spring of 2003.  She was our first baby and was so excited to have a new home and a while later, a baby sister (and then two sisters!)
 Meeting Cinderella:
 Crazy Halloween with Cinderella as a sheep (her obsession back then.)
 Teaching soon to be big sister how to care for and hold a newborn
 Wearing one of Cinderella's sleep shirts.  She asks to wear their clothes.  And by "asks" I mean she comes over, stands up and tries to get her head in the outfit!  This happens a lot on Sunday mornings.
 Sports fan  ;)
Cute lil squirrel - Halloween 2011
 If you want a picture with your kids and your dog, just don't invite the dog into the pictures.  She HAD to join.  She's dressed as an elf here.  This was the other day.
Trademark "Circle Mouth"
 Strike a pose...
 Her lips are sealed...
 One of my favorites - when she was an only child:
 Hanging out - upside down style
 Meeting baby sister #2 - Sleeping Beauty
 In time out with a baby Cinderella  ;)
 Hanging out with Sleeping Beauty
 Teaching the art of diapering to Cinderella...
 Happy birthday to our special, oldest girl.  We love you always!!

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