Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Toothy Drama

Cinderella is entering one of the many "awkward" stages of growing up.  Being almost six and a half years old she is all arms, legs and knees.  She is also hitting the Tooth Fairy Stage.  Or she should be entering the stage of losing her baby teeth for her adult teeth...

That is, if she'd just let us pull that sucker.  It's been about two weeks since we noticed that her bottom right tooth was flapping in the breeze.  It really is hanging on by a thread.   It is beyond my comprehension how it is even still in her mouth.  It defies all rules and theories.  Her baby tooth is out of alignment, more so by the day.  She complains of pain.  Well, yeah, you have two teeth that want the same spot.  

Tonight the drama began.  Or continued, rather.  We are sick of it.  She is complaining that her tooth is hurting because the new tooth has nowhere to go.  Yet, she won't pull it out or let us pull it out.  She won't even let us talk about pulling it out.  She runs screaming into the night.  I wish this was one of those times I was being dramatic, but I am not.  This is straight up how it is here in the Crazy Household and dare I say I want out right now.

I promise you this is the last thing one thinks about when expecting a baby.  I thought about who she'd look like, her personality traits, what she may like or dislike.  I even thought about her future husband and prayed for him and his parents and other odds and ends but losing baby teeth never really entered my mind.  I think I dread all of this as much as she does.  May the force be with us...

Any takers on how long this tooth will remain in my princess Cinderella's head?  :)  Any helpful hints or techniques from parents who have been there and done that?  Please?  


  1. After I had been complaining about a tooth for a few days Mom would act really excited and ask to wiggle it. Then she'd just pull it out. Obviously the tooth was practically falling out on it's own already, so it didn't really take any effort.

    I have no resentment or major "mommy issues" because of it. Just thought I'd throw that out there, too. I was upset for a bit afterwards, but apparently not for long because she managed to pull that trick (and a couple more teeth) a few more times.

    Good luck!!

  2. :( wish I could help, but with Ian being a boy, losing teeth is cool :) maybe give her an apple to eat? One of Ian's got so lose that it came out while he was eating a chicken finger. You could always get The King to hold her down and you can snatch it ;)


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