Friday, January 14, 2011

OdDs AnD eNdS

Quotes and sayings and conversations from the past few weeks from my gals:

Today, when we went to get  in our iced up car to go to school today Cinderella said, "Mommy? I don't think we're in ***** anymore. This seems like Alaska to me!"

Also this morning, "What is peanut butter made out of?"

"The best part of Princess Furry Pants getting a bath is she doesn't like it and I think that's so funny."  - Sleeping Beauty

Upon the dog getting angry with Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty said, "Weeeelllllll she doesn't bite me because I bite her back." 


While doing some cleaning I found an unopened packet of aTaco Bell mild sauce in Cinderella's toy box.  That girl keeps everything!

Sleeping Beauty apparently got up and took her makeup bag in for her nap. (It was all she wanted for Christmas once she found out that watch ($275) was off the list. No makeup was on her but some was on the sheets (I washed just the day before). She was gripping a lip balm in one hand and a makeup brush in the other. HAHA

We have an iRobot (vacuum) and it went past one of the barriers it wasn't supposed to. Sleeping Beauty came running up to me tattling, saying, "Mommy! MOMMY! She 'is-obeyed' you!!!!"

The girls were entertaining themselves, making more pictures for their baby cousin who is to arrive sometime in the beginning of February. They have been making him things since we found out he was on his way!

The King of the Crazies told the dog she was fat and I kid you not, she went straight to bed.

Jealousy is an ugly beast. Sleeping Beauty "killed" a paper snowflake her big sister made. She said she did it "Because it was awesome." It's hard to be little and not know how to make awesome stuff!

The THREE YEAR OLD has road rage from THE BACKSEAT!  She even shakes her fists and yells, "Get outta my waaaaay!"

"Do crocodiles run their own businesses?" - Sleeping Beauty

Me: Sleeping Beauty, Do you need another napkin?
Sleeping Beauty: I've got two. Fuhgeddaboudit!

I was sitting on the couch and heard Sleeping Beauty over by the Christmas tree. "Now, let's see if I can get all up in the Christmas tree...OW! My hair!! I can't get out!"

We are raising very polite girls. Little Sleeping Beauty knocked over a sippy cup of milk and said, "Oh, why excuse me, milk! I am so sorry."

I overheard Cinderella talking to Sleeping Beauty while putting on her coat and hood, "Now keep your hoodie on. I don't want you getting sick." Awww!

Sleeping Beauty to Cinderella before Christmas: "I bet you are on the naughty list too."
Sometimes I am just left speechless. My three year old is freaking out because I didn't let the dog get married. WHAT?! I just don't know if I will make it the rest of my life at this rate! ;o)

We were at a mall with the girls and my mom. Santa was holding a newborn and Sleeping Beauty yelled, "Is THAT Baby JESUS?!?!?!"

Me: Girls, we are probably getting our Christmas tree tomorrow.
Cinderella: Yay!
Sleeping Beauty: Can we please get a gray* tree?

*Gray = snow on the tree

Sleeping Beauty was complaining and I said, "You are falling apart! Do I need to take you and get a new Sleeping Beauty?"
Sleeping Beauty: "Yes. They should have a new me at Target."

Part of Sleeping Beauty's prayer one night, "...and make the diseases go away. Thanks for sharp cheese. Amen."

Quote of the day from Cinderella on Thanksgiving: "When 'Crazies' see turkey, we have to eat it!"

I witnessed Sleeping Beauty lecturing her big sister on proper newborn care. It was frightening. Not so much what she said, but the fact that she backed over and then stepped on the baby's head, all the while baby talking and lecturing Cinderella.


  1. Awesome post! I love kiddo quotes.

  2. Your household slays me! I love it!

  3. Love this! Noah has recently been introduced to crunchy peanut butter and now asks for "nut sandwiches with peanut butter".


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